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Eye essentials

*ALL eye treatments excluding brow shape require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the treatment

Patch tests must be repeated for new clients or if 6 months have elapsed since your previous treatment 

Digital Powder Brows

For Digital Eyebrow Tattooing, we use an electronically powered machine and a needle, which is more similar to a conventional tattoo (but less aggressive and doesn’t go as deeply). We can achieve a wider range of effects with digital eyebrow tattooing such as shading, ombré and also super natural hair strokes too.

We use extremely high quality pigments by Tina Davies.

Tina Davies, I LOVE INK Sunset Eyebrow Pigment collection consists of 3 classic, pre-mixed brow pigments, a shading solution and an easy-to-use colour chart to match any client with red/auburn hair or warming cool/grey brows. Designed by Tina Davies to keep colour selection simple.

  • Heals True To Tone – Tina Davies Pigments enables a confident colour selection.
  • Ready To Use – There is no mixing or modification required.
  • High Pigment Load – For vivid colour with 90%+ colour retention.
  • Stable Colours – High lightfastness prevents colours from shifting.


To ensure that you will be delighted with the finished result, before the permanent procedure takes place, we will provide you with a detailed consultation, drawing the shape of your new eyebrows with a fine pencil so that you can see how they will look. The entire procedure taking about 2 hrs. The result is the creation of amazing brows that showcase your face and are permanent from day one; there is no downtime and you won’t need a touch up for about 4-8 weeks.  Your skin’s pigment retention capability will depend on your skin type, age, how much sun you have been exposed to, use of skin products, medication, your immune system and the quality of aftercare. Touch-ups will be needed only annually to deal with natural fading.

How You should prepare for the procedure

Avoid waxing or tinting the eyebrows for about 3 days before the treatment.

It is recommended not to drink coffee and other drinks consisting caffeine before the procedure. You should avoid any substances, which could dissolve the blood (e.g. aspirin); also alcohol, weighty foods and medicines which impact vessel dialtation should be avoided.

Treatment can not be performed onto an affected skin.

What to avoid and how to behave after the procedure?

During the healing period (7-10 days), avoid getting them wet, sunbathing, going to the gym or excessive sweating. Throughout the healing period it is essential to use the healing cream at least once a day (cream is included in a treatment).

Our new FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection is a hybrid line of pigments that is comprised of mainly inorganic ingredients. These pigments will gently fade into a softer version of the original colour within 12-24 months in most applications however, results will vary depending on client and technique.

FADE is ideal for artists and clients who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or colour. This provides clients with the convenience of waking up with beautiful brows and also the flexibility to change their brows over time once the pigment fades. Think of it as a long lasting tint!!!

Call to discuss which pigment suits your lifestyle.