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This machine was originally designed to help stroke victims and sufferers from Bell’s Palsy recover the use of impaired facial muscles. It made the natural transition into the beauty industry where it has achieved amazing results. This machine combines revolutionary microdermabrasion with microcurrent and a patented “wrinkle comb” to achieve results that are second to none.

Caroline’s was the first salon in Hampshire to have the CACI Ultimate

If you want a face-lift without going under the surgeon’s knife then this is the treatment for you!

The CACI facial consists of 5 options
1    Microdermabrasion – Deep exfoliation, pigmentation damage correction, acne elimination
2     Jowl Lift – Concentrating on firming & toning the jowl area
3     Microcurrent – Lifting, Muscle Toning, Fine line elimination
4     Wrinkle Comb – Increases collagen production, smoothes lines, healing
5     Hydratone Mask – Soothing gel mask, toning, rehydrating 

These 5 options can be combined to create the bespoke facials

CACI Ultimate



2 & 3

Microcurrent and Jowl


Wrinkle Comb


Hydratone Mask


Eye Revive