ST TROPEZ is first and foremost the best fake tan on the market. One of the main reasons that ST TROPEZ works is that it is first and foremost a 'green' based tan. What this means is that there is NO WAY you can go orange. Also, the pigment of your natural skin colour dictates how deep the fake tan will go. Simply speaking, if you have an olive-based skin tone you will go darker than someone who is paler

Spray Tan Application

A quick form of tanning suitable for all skins even sensitive. Available in 2 colour depths regular & dark.

N.B. Clients must exfoliate prior to the initial application.

ST.TROPEZ Spray Tan Full Body


30 min

ST.TROPEZ Spray Tan Legs


15 min

ST.TROPEZ Spray Tan Upper Body


15 min



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